Very Low Profile Clip-On Shielding Gaskets

This series of parts was designed for thin flange mount applications that have small gaps requiring RFI/EMI shielding. The low profile provides full electrical contact within a very short range oof f mmovoevmemeen nt. Very low compression forces are required to deflect these items to their optimum performance heights. For even lighter force requirements the 99-885-04 and 99-886-04 are also available in a thinner gage material, designated by a 98 in place of the 99 in the part number. All of these items are available with or without retaining lances in order to provide the desired amount of retention force. Part numbers 99-880-04 and 99-885-04 are without lances for smooth mounting where positioning is fixed and retention not critical. Whereas, part numbers 99-881-04 and 99- 886-04 have lances that grab onto the mounting surface for applications where the part is not confined and retention is more critical. For additional information about this or any other series of parts, please contact our Customer Service department at the numbers shown below.