Symmetrical Multi-Mount Series

P/N: 099-931-00-20 & 099-934-00-20


  • Front Panel Handles
  • Plug-in units
  • Subrack assemblies
  • Chassis covers
  • Backplanes

  • Multi-directional
  • No snag
  • Slide Mount
  • Slot Mount

Omega Shielding's #99-931/934 multi-mount series provides a low profile for bi-directional shear engagement, excellent in tight situations where a useful deflection range is needed while maintaining low compression forces. May be used in either Slide-mount or Slot-mount type of applications. Mounting tabs on #99-934 (Figure No. 2) may be varied in order to provide higher frequency attenuation through fewer and smaller retention slots in the mounting surface. Both items assure snag-free low friction applications.