No-Snag Series

P/N: 099-903-00-20, 099-904-00-20 & 099-906-00-20

No adhesive.. No rivets.. No screws.. No solder.. or welds. This series is designed for simple snap-in installation and multi-directional deflection. A variety of sizes exist to accommodate most applications. As shown in figures 1 and 3, the parts are easily installed by first inserting one side of a part into a slot and then pushing along the surface of the finger to snap the other end into another slot or around the edge of a flange. Figures 2 and 4 show the part in the uncompressed mounted position. One advantage of these parts is that they can be deflected from a variety of directions. The force can be applied directly down onto the finger, or slid along the width of the part from either direction, as shown in figure 5. This allows for greater flexibility if a "sliding" type assembly is required.

In addition, the combination of material size, configuration and low friction drag, results in a very low compression force requirement. These parts are excellent choices for ESD grounding of RFI shielding on:

Enclosure doors
Enclosures panels
Chassis covers
Rack drawers
Plug-in assemblies

These parts are available with fingers pitches of 0.1875, 0.250 and 0.375. Short lengths, cut to size, are available in increments of any one of the above pitches. A variety of surfaces finishes are also available in order to accommodate for material incompatibilities, see page 5 of our catalog. For additional information refer to page 16 of our catalog or call our sales department.

P/N: 99-931-00, 99-934-01, 99-934-03 & 99-934-05

More openings mean less shielding effectiveness. The Vari-Slot Snap-on strips provide a variety of slot options in order to minimize, whenever possible, the necessity for long mounting slots or a large number of mounting slots. These strips are available with mounting fingers on every pitch, every other pitch, every fourth pitch and every sixth pitch. They are easily mounted by simply inserting one side into one slot or over an edge and then deflecting the part by pushing it towards the other slot or edge until it snaps into position. Once mounted, these parts also provide the capability of being deflected from multiple directions. Direct compression can be applied from above the part or they can be compressed by a side-to-side shearing motion from either direction. Each of these parts are available in short lengths in order to accommodate applications where only spot contact is required. As with all our other products these are also available in a variety of plated finishes in order to provide for metal compatibility with mounting and contact surfaces. For additional information, please contact Customer Service.