Low-Profile Clip-On Series

P/N: 099-880-04-20, 099-881-04-20, 099-885-04-20 & 099-886-04-20

For applications that require a low force and low profile, this series of parts is ideal. In order to achieve low compression forces with good resiliency, these parts are made from a thin gage copper alloy with a shape designed to give minimal force resistance. Also designed with a low profile configuration, these parts are suitable for small gap applications and can be compressed down to 25% of their original height. One unique feature of these parts is that they can be used in either clip-on applications or stick-on application (see examples), making them one of the most versatile series of parts in our product line. For applications with super low-force requirements, some of this series of parts are also available in a thinner gage material. Ask for part numbers 098-885-04-20 and 098-886-04-20.

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