Shielded Room "Tongue-In-Groove" Door Closure

One of the best ways of shielding around the door seams of a shielded room or large enclosure is by using the "Tongue-in-Groove" method. This method allows for complete control of the gap size between the door surface and the door frame on the enclosure; all the way down to a "0" gap. Complete closure combined with a double row of shielding gaskets, separated by a "blade" that is inserted between them during closure, provides maximum shielding effectiveness. In the example shown here two rows of "Enclosed Fold-Over" series products are placed in a channel with the crowns of the contact surfaces facing each other (refer to Figures 1-3). When the door is closed, a “blade” is inserted between the two rows of shielding gaskets (refer to Figures 4-5), resulting in optimum shielding effectiveness.