Shielded Room "No-Snag" Door Closure

This series of products provide ideal solutions for shielding applications requiring low compression force. Designed with minimal residual stress and highly leveraged spring action. The free end features foldunder fingers which facilitate a low coeffient of friction on most surfaces. Require a minimum amount of compression force to move through its deflection range, resulting in the highest levels of EMI RFI shielding effectiveness with minimal force.

These products contain an acrylic transfer adhesive for ease of mounting. Simply remove the paper liner from the adhesive and press onto a smooth, clean, dry surface, as shown in Figure 1. Compression forces may be applied in either of the directions shown in Figure 2. In order to prevent the part from being over-deflected it is suggested that these products be mounted in a slot or groove that will control the height of the part when compressed. Once deflected to their minimum compressed height, continuity between all surfaces is achieved, resulting in maximum attenuation.

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