Installation Guide Part 2

Instructions for Storage and Installation of Omega Shielding Strips containing Transfer Adhesive.

Shielding strips containing a transfer adhesive should be stored at a temperature of 70°F or lower.

Shielding strips should only be applied to a smooth, clean and dry mounting surfaces at room temperature (65° to 75°F). 1-2-3 Installation:

  1. Smooth the mounting surface with an emery cloth, if necessary, and clean with a suitable commercial solvent to remove all oils or film. Avoid fingerprints on the mounting surface after cleaning.
  2. Peel off the protective paper backing and avoid finger contact with the adhesive.
  3. Make certain that the strip is in the correct position and then press down firmly to insure a good bond over the entire mounting surface. Avoid any re-positioning after the strip is in place, for this will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive and may distort the strip. Allow 24 hours for complete "curing" time.