Installation Guide Part 1

While OMEGA SHIELDING PRODUCTS offer the finest performance alternatives available today, there are a few simple guidelines to assure proper operation and continued long-term shielding effectiveness.

1. Proper Size
Determine the correct size of the mounting area. The length can be sized by cutting the strip - a simple pair of scissors will do. Match the gasket's cross-section, in the compressed state, to the width of the available mounting area. See Figure 1.

2. Dynamic Compression Range
Each gasket design has a certain compression range or distance. A positive contact force can usually be assured after the gasket has been compressed 25% of the relaxed height and beyond. The gap between mating surfaces shielded by a gasket may vary throughout their length. Be sure to take the largest distance into consideration.

3. Attachment Method
OMEGA SHIELDING PRODUCTS' standard configurations can be mounted as shown in Figure 2:

4. Correct Orientation
Many of OMEGA SHIELDING PRODUCTS designs depend upon the active contact surface (top) being engaged at, or behind, the cross-section centerline. To assure the proper angle of engagement, follow the CORRECT INCORRECT guidelines in Figure 3 for best results.