Fold-Over Gasket used in Shielded Door Closure

This series of products is uniquely designed to reduce the amount of stress at the hinge point of the part, resulting in a long service life after repeated compressions. They are functional in a wide variety of applications, having a high dynamic range while requiring very low compression forces to deflect. They are ideal for enclosure door applications or where variations in the mating surfaces exist.

These products are available with or without an acrylic transfer adhesive on the mounting surface of the part. Please refer to our web site for size and part number information. To mount the parts containing a transfer adhesive, simply remove the paper liner from the transfer adhesive and press onto a smooth, clean, dry surface, as shown in Figure 1. In order to achieve maximum shielding effectiveness without damaging the part, compress part in the direction shown in Figure 2. Once fully compressed to the optimum compressed height as shown in Figure 3 (note controlled compresses height), continuity between the mounting and mating surfaces will be achieved resulting in maximum attenuation. Compressing these parts less than 25% of the corresponding free height may result in poor continuity on irregular surfaces while compressing them beyond 75% of the free height may result in damage to the part.

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