Low profile twist Series

low-profile-twist Series
This series of RFI EMI shielding products possess high strength contact fingers with edge contact with mounting and mating surfaces. The low-profile fingerstock configuration provides for near closed gap requirements. Please refer to the Enviroseal Series of RFI EMI shielding products for the environmental version of these fingerstock products.

Part Number: 099-270-NT-20

  • Length:16.05 IN. / 407.8 MM.
  • Width:0.36 IN. / 9.1 MM.
  • Offset:0.04 IN. / 1 MM.
The Low-Profile Twist series of parts provide a very small dynamic range of deflection and do not extend beyond their free position width when compressed. Part number 099-270-NT is provided without a transfer adhesive allowing for other means of atta ... read more
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