Hi deflection sub Series

hi-deflection-sub Series
This series of large gap RF gaskets was specifically designed to shield large enclosure doors or where compression of the gasket is achieved by angular engagement of the mating surfaces such as with screen room doors or in joining groups of equipment. Two opposing row of this series of shielding products are ideal for "Tongue-and-Groove" applications.

Part Number: 099-400-00-20

  • Length:300 IN. / 7620 MM.
  • Width:1.1 IN. / 27.9 MM.
  • Offset:0.26 IN. / 6.6 MM.
The Hi-Deflection series was specifically designed to perform as an EMI/RFI shielding gasket for electronic enclosure doors. It comes in a standard length of 25 feet, but is available in lengths from 1 finger to 500 feet. There are 0.142" diameter mo ... read more
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