Dual twist Series

dual-twist Series
Similar to the twist series of RF shielding products this fingerstock series contains a dual set of contact fingers, one on each side of the mounting surface, which provide double the amount of contact points for added protection. Please refer to the Enviroseal Series of shielding products for the environmental version of these items.

Part Number: 099-220-NT-20

  • Length:24.09 IN. / 611.9 MM.
  • Width:0.5 IN. / 12.7 MM.
  • Offset:0.07 IN. / 1.8 MM.
The Dual-Twist series of parts contain a double row of contact fingers in one narrow strip which provide a small dynamic range of deflection and do not extend beyond their free position width when compressed. They can be compressed to near flat allow ... read more

Part Number: 095-220-NT-20*

  • Length:24.09 IN. / 611.9 MM.
  • Width:0.50 IN. / 12.7 MM.
  • Offset:0.07 IN. / 1.8 MM.
Part number 095-220-NT is the Stainless Steel version of part number 099-220-NT and is provided without a transfer adhesive allowing for other means of attachment. It is available in a variety of surface finishes to accommodate adjacent surface fini ... read more
* = Special Order Only